Acu Eye Zone

Many diseases of Retina ,Macula and Optic nerve are treated at Acu Eye Zone.We have been successfully treating these ailments since the year 2000.

As a patient enquires about treatment ,we first ascertain his/her present visual status along with the presence of comorbidity, if any.

Based on these inputs, certain tests are advised which are usually -

  • Fundus photo plain
  • Angiography
  • O.C.T.
  • Routine eye examination.

These tests can be done at any equipped eye centre according to the convenience of the...

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Find out our success story

Treatment of loss of vision

-Kalpana from Maharashtra expresses after first day of treatemnt
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Successful treatment of Macular Scar by acupuncture.

-Kashish, a Macular Scar treatment success story
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She had remarkable improvement in all aspects

-Versha 17 years from Tamilnadu, Chennai
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young man suffered from Macular degeneration

-Ketan Sharma suffered from Macular degeneration
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-Mother of Master M Sajana from Srilanka
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I am Chakravarthy from Tamil Nadu, India.

-Brother And Sister From Tamilnadu, India Express Their Experiances
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Patient in thirties attended this center

-SHARIF, a patient of Retinitis Pigmentosa from Egypt
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patient after 2 years is fine

-A Companion of patient from Austria narrates his experiences
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Young lady, NRI based in Canada

-Rubina- A Patient of Retinitis Pigmentosa
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Moreover when I received his SMS

-Treatment Experiences of Mr Abdul G. M.
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Mr. Manoj a business man form Kolkata

-Manoj From Kolkata, India Shares His Experiences
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Kanika young girl from Haryana, India

-After Stem Cell Therapy She Had Complications
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3Years after treatment

-Padma says doctors in US after examining my eyes say that now spots on retina are more lighter
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28 years old Mr.Ankush Mittal

-Ankush Mittal (A Patient of MACULAR DEGENERATION)
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29 Years old Mr. Osman

-Osman from Sudan tells how he has been benefitted with this technique
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69 years is suffering from retinitis

-Unie Kuruppu From Melbourne, Australia
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Mr. Madani is a Sudani national living in UAE

-Elshafea Madani Ahmed Elamin From U.A.E. narrates his experiences
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Umredkar 27 years from Ahmadnagar

-D.K. Umredkar from Maharashtra
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Ankita a newly wed came here for treatmen

-Treatment Experiences of Mrs. Ankita Bharadwaj
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61 years from Chennai suffering from Retinitis

-Mrs. Saradha Rengamani brief treatment history
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I had suffered a serious injury

-Angshuman Pal Statement and his brief case history
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A Patient from Srilanka

-Sumudu Manori Dharmarathne Statement with her brief case history
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I had high myopia since 1985

-Poonam Statement and her brief case history
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I had high myopia since 1985

-Sanjeet Statement and his brief case history
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I sustained an injury in my left eye

-Saurabh Statement and his brief case history
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26 years suffered from progressive degenerative

-Sunil Kumar jain Statement and his brief case history
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