Vedic Astrology

Besides trained in the Modern Medicine and Acupuncture Dr Ved Prakash Banga is also trained in Vedic Astrology did a two years course of Jyotish Acharya.Jyotish or Astrology is a divine science and there is classical literature in Old Vedic books on this subject.

What new has been Done here is we have collected data of such patients, searched such astrological combinations affecting vision and more important is helping patients in treatment planning as well as in advising self-help after completion of treatment.

By experience this all has worked very well as an adjuvant, it does not means that if you do not have your birth data we can not treat you or can not apply this knowledge to you.

Based on this research a book written on this subject will be published soon. These all aspects will be narrated scientifically with individual experiences of patients.