Acupuncture Technique Can Cure Many Diseases.

Sneh Jain an East Delhi resident, had allergy to news paper ink. She had bouts of cough, sneezing and some times bleeding, while reading a newspaper. Doctors in modern medicine had adviced her to avoid reading newspaper. But she was treated at a acupuncture centre in East Delhi, and after 10 sittings, she became all right and started reading news papers. Ramesh consulted AIIMS for severe backache but was not relieved. After 20 sittings of acupuncture, he can now run. Besides these ailment like angina, asthma, penumotnorax, gynecology problems, jaundice, paralysis, diabetes respond well to acupuncture. But the system has not been recognized by the Central Govt.

There are medical councils for research and development for other systems, but in spite of its effectiveness there is no council as such for acupuncture. But this technique is being applied in the capital in non-government hospitals and nursing homes and at the AIIMS and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital. etc. But in government hospitals generally, it has been reduced to a simple pain alleviating technique. But, according to acupuncture reports, this is a complete technique and every disease responds to it. It is only due to government apathy that it has not been utilized. This system has been recognized by the W.H.O. and many European Countries, besides China. In our country, West Bengal has recognized this system. A former resident doctor at Safdarjang Hospital New Delhi and acupuncture practitioner at K.G. Medical Centre. Dr. V.P. Banga says that it is very difficult to learn the system due to absence of its recognition. There are only two options to learn it-by going abroad or from doctors practising in India. A patient reaches an acupuncture practitioner only when he finds no hope anywhere else. He says that all types of patients are coming to him. Choice of treatment is made after assessing the patient's conditions, sensitivity and status of

disease. Besides, acupuncture treatment can be administered like by colour and seeds etc. He says that there is one natural colour for every energy like heat energy is red, air is green, humidity is yellow and dryness is white. These colours can be applied to the patient's skin selectively to provide relief. In most cases response is immediate. Acupuncture points are selected according to the patients total condition. There is misuse of colour acupuncture sometimes. When patient starts getting relief, he starts self-application of the colours, because colours are applied by a simple sketch pen so they think they can do it on their own not realizing this would lead to bad effects. Because every colour is related with an energy and after sometimes when that energy is balanced application of same colour starts giving side effects. At that moment, it is necessary to change the colour. So self treatment can harm the patients, says Dr. Ved.