Acupuncture For Eyes Too

A lot of progressive research has been made in the field of eye diseases and their cures in alopathy in the recent past. Yet there are several eye diseases for which there is no cure in alopathy. For instance the blindness occurring due to mainly because of the weakness of the retina; a long lasting allergy in the eyes which very often leads to cataract as a result of the continuous use of powerful eye-drops to contain that.

Dr. Ved Prakash Banga who has made a place for himself by curing eye diseases through acupuncture is of the opinion that most of the present day eye diseases and even blindness which normally occur due to the weakness of the retina very often remain incurable because generally the doctors' concentration and attention remain on the eye only. It is limited to the eye and revolves around that only.

The modern day medicine has never looked at the eye from any other angle, asserts Dr. Banga. It has never thought about studying the effects of the enormous but silent energy in the atmosphere on the human body as a whole and on the eyes in particular. It is apparent and nobody can deny this that this omnipresent energy in the nature affects every living thing upon this earth in one way or the other. What is required is to understand these effects and adjust the treatments which are in tune with the cosmic energy, he emphasizes.

Dr.Banga says the modern day medical science has concentrated all its mental faculties and resources on developing newer and newer machines to help diagnose the diseases only. It has never attempted to find out the basic cause of the periodically rise in the number of the eye glasses of the children.

Dr. Banga says that one finds very detailed descriptions on eye diseases in the traditional system of medicine and in the acupuncture system of treatment. A systematic treatment comprising the traditional eye cures available, the Chinese acupuncture and modern medicine was being practiced by Dr. Banga at the Acupuncture India Center, New Delhi, during the past four years. The results of this technique had been very successful and encouraging in containing and curing eye diseases and also preventing blindness due to the weakness of the retina, allergy in the eyes and atrophy of the optic nerves.