(15) I have been told that there is on-going research in the field of stem cell therapy, artificial retina and retinal implants and within 5 years there will be a breakthrough in the treatment options for treating RP and macular degeneration and it will become like cataract surgery. What are your thoughts on this?


I hope it could be but it is not happeningin spite of putting all resources all over the world into it. They are not reaching towards desired results. Often we hear news that retinal implants have been developed and patient is able to see a shadow of object but not going further. This is happening for the last five years. Why?

Because the eyes capture images but it is our brain that visualizes after constituting the object.There are other areas of the brain besides the visual cortex that are simultaneously involved in analyzing and synthesizing all this information from the retina very quickly and we are able to “SEE”.These electric impulses to different areas of the brain are carried by the optic nerve which is involved in retinitis pigmentosa.At Acupuncture India Centre, we are able to revive this Optic Nerve Atrophy.

So far research is developing an artificial retina but incorporating this with different areas of the brain. However, this has not been successful because of the complexities of the problem. I am not able to foresee that in the near future.It can be attained based on their expertise in this field.

In the era when live in,kidney or heart transplant are routine. We are not able to transplanta retina. The only organelle we are able to transplant in eye is the cornea through eye donation. Even if one day we are able to transplant a retina, it would be like a skin transplant which gives rise to same disease again.This is because constitutional factors are not corrected.Same is the reason why improvement from microsystem acupuncture is short lived. It is the same case with stem cell therapy.