(8) You say that you are using astrology in treatment planning,is it not quackery?


I started the anti-quackery movement in India and became the president of the Quackery Eradication Committee at the Indian Medical Association and was conferred with President and Secretary appreciation awards of Delhi and Indian Medical Association during the period of 1993 -1997. I have written the first ever book on this subject which is fore worded by the Delhi Health Minister. How can I do a quackery?

Now coming to astrology, it is being explored by many countries. Besides being a doctor, I am a qualified Vedic Astrologer also and have been collecting data for such patients since the last 10 years. There are many combinations in Astrology which indicate eye diseases in a native. But more importantly we can help a patient by planning the treatment using this science? We have definitely gained success in treatment planning using the knowledge from astrology. It is a good adjuvant.